no angelThe Itch  –   2018

A boy in Chris’ class is having some trouble at home and no matter what he does he just can’t seem to get rid off this itch on his back.




Devil on my shoulderDevil on My Shoulder   –   2017

A painting of a little girl, a medical secretary and a drunk man wandering through a forest. Welcome to a world where not everything is at it seems.




KegareKegare   –   2017

A Shinto priestess on the run from her past but no matter where she runs she can’t escape her duty as an exorcist





MuteMute  –   2006

A young girl has survived the concentration camps of the horrible Vacont, and now she has to find some way to adapt to what most people consider normal life. A story about getting over the pain that life gives us, friendship and most importantly, hope.